Laiškas pasaulinei Watsu bendruomenei

Dear water world,

We can see that things have escalated in Ukraine since we last sent out our “prayers from the
water world
”. Now like the UN we need to be clearer in our stance on the situation in Ukraine.

The UN says “The United Nations has voted overwhelmingly for a resolution deploring Russia’s
invasion of Ukraine and called for the immediate withdrawal of its forces, in a global expression
of outrage that highlighted Russia’s increasing isolation.

The resolution said the UN “deplores in the strongest terms the aggression by the Russian
Federation against Ukraine”. It demanded that “the Russian Federation immediately cease its
use of force against Ukraine” and “immediately, completely and unconditionally withdraw all of
its military forces”.

WABA is a peaceful, heart centered organization. We attempt to find peace in the midst of
conflict. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and we condemn the military aggression against
life. We remain human and in no way, in no mean we are calling out the Russian citizens and or
Russian Watsu community.

Today the Board with the addition of Tomasz and Jurgita met on zoom. We attempted to
strategize as to what our Water community could do to help. The discussion came up with two
possible scenarios. There is an immediate need for support for Ukraine, some for medicines and
some for survival items.

Those of us who want to do something now can send monies to :

The Red Cross and or
google using key words for donating to Ukraine.

Go to your local Ukrainian communities and ask how you can help.
Please look at the list of items needed today for Ukraine. ../../../../../../../Desktop/Items needed
for Ukrain.docx

This next link has addresses and names of specific individuals in European countries and the US
that are taking in donations of medicines etc. ../../../../../../../Desktop/Addresses in Europe and
US for sending help to Ukrain.docx

There is immediate need and if you are so inclined donate now.

The second suggestion was that during World WATSU Week we ask for nominal donation that
would then be sent by local TI to an international or local organization of your choice, that
support Ukrainian victims. Donate, -if possible -also after World WATSU Week. Know there is
going to be a need for financial and humanitarian support for many years to come.

Beside general donations, we would like to support our Watsu community members in Ukraine
individually. Feel free to let us know if you need anything, we will try to help.

Each step that we take in reaching out to our fellow members works to strengthen the water
community. Sometimes something as small as writing a short email to someone you know
affected by this war can raise their spirits.

We stand together and choose Peace,
The Board

WABA_world aquatic bodywork association

Laiškas pasaulinei Watsu bendruomenei